Field Service

Our Service is Your Strength

When you have to be up-and-running fast, call Excel. Our knowledgeable field service engineers are qualified to repair over 100 different brands of control panels, and circuit boards. This coupled with the latest drive products, system engineering, in-house repair and unparalleled technical support gives our customers the advantage of superior knowledge, support and improved UPTIME!

Excel is an Authorized Service Provider for many premium manufactures.

Preventive vs Reactive Maintenance

“Is your facility lacking a Preventive Maintenance Plan? Is your company experiencing loss of production and high maintenance costs associated unscheduled downtime? Excel can Help.”

In today’s world of the high cost equipment downtime, increased production and JIT demands, Preventive Maintenance warrants serious consideration. No one would argue fixing equipment as quickly as possible is important, few realize the high costs associated with Reactive Maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance should be considered as a viable alternative to keep equipment in top shape and operations running smoothly and efficiently.

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